We've got issues with the retail & manufacturing industry

Textile Waste is generated by companies who mass produce, and have surplus unsold merchandise. Every year 10.46 million tons of textile waste are sent to landfills, and millions of dollars of products are burned by luxury brands. 

That’s why at Cloina, all of our clothing is made-to-order. Right now, that angel t-shirt sitting in your virtual shopping cart is still one big piece of fabric on a cardboard roll. Once you make a purchase, we manufacture your item specifically for you. No mass production, no surplus merchandise dumped into the ocean. It’s as easy as you and your t-shirt.


Waste from Second Hand Stores.  Only 10-15% of clothing donated to second hand stores actually makes it to the market. The bulk of the donations they recieve end up in landfills. Major brands dump surplus merchandise onto thrift stores in overwhelming amounts. Donations are too large for second hand stores to sell or manage, so they ship these items to landfills within a few weeks.

Cloina is committed to combating textile waste from every angle. We make sure that each of our 1 to 1 items start with a once-loved-before item. This gives our customers access to high-fashion, customized bags & embroidered garments, without contributing to the cycle of high-fashion waste.  

Packaging Waste - Manufacturers ship items to company warehouses in non-branded plastic and boxes.  The retailer discards that plastic and cardboard, puts the item into branded packaging, then ships your item to you.

We ship items directly from our manufacturers to your doorstep.   We are saving one cardboard box, one plastic bag, and the fuel pollution that would come from sending it through a middleman.


we strive to care <3